Department of Electrical Engineering

The department of Electrical Engineering of IAU-A was founded in 1985 by admitting the first group of students for Associate's degree. The MS program of Electrical Engineering was offered in 2010 which was followed by the PhD program in 2013. Today, the department is truly a department at a national scale with over 30 academic staff and 1000 students who are majoring at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The scale of the activities in this department is so wide that since 1995, 6200 BS and 400 MS students have graduated from it. Some of the department's graduates are numbered among the most distinguished experts and high profile professionals who work in Iran or other countries of the world.
From the outset, this department has been one the most prestigious electrical engineering departments in the northwest of Iran. Every year, most of the BS graduates of this department succeed in entrance examinations of famous universities inside and outside of the country. Statistics show that more than 70% of this department's undergraduate students enroll in postgraduate programs. Presently, many of the former postgraduate students are engaged in famous and sophisticated industrial projects or work in advanced research centers.
Today, the department has undergraduate programs in Electronics and Power sub-fields of Electrical Engineering. The focus of the postgraduate programs, likewise, is on Electronics and Power (Power Systems, Power Electronics and Electrical Machines). Overall, there are 630 undergraduate students along with more than 300 postgraduate students, 10 of whom are PhD students.
The department's research activities and interests have largely been focused on Robotics and in recent years the robotics team of the department has succeeded in several national robotic competitions.
The department has 10 different labs and workshops for educational and research activities. The major laboratories include: Machine, Power System Analysis, Circuit and Measurements, Control System, Electronics, Pulse Technique, Communication Circuits and General Electrical.
This department has 17 full-time faculty members all very active in conducting research and publishing and presenting articles. The majority of the articles produced by the faculty members of this department are published in respective domestic and international journals or are accepted for presentation in international and domestic conferences.