Deputy of Research and Technology

Deputy of Research and Technology in IAU-A is following its mission in the areas of producing and disseminating knowledge, establishing relationships with technological and industrial units, managing and equipping laboratories, handling staff professional development workshops, and supervising students' unions. In line with the above responsibilities, the deputy also implements research projects, holds scientific seminars, expands relationships between the university and industrial sector, carries out projects contracted between the university and off-campus institutions, and dispatches faculty members and students to national and international conferences. These are but only some of the activities handled by this deputy. Some other activities are policy-making, expanding traditional and digital libraries, conferring prizes on faculty members who publish articles and controlling the quality of articles published, supervising postgraduate students' theses and dissertations, and overseeing scientific activities in Young Researchers' Club.


The most important goals of the research and technology deputy for the coming years are:

  1. Using the expertise of the academic staff to solve the managerial, administrative, and production-related problems of the province
  2. Developing and strengthening growth and research centers with respect to the needs of the province and region
  3. Supporting applied and product-based plans
  4. Supplying more funds for research projects by signing contracts with entities out of the university
  5. Strengthening digital libraries through subscribing to electronic journals and online databases
  6. Equipping the existing laboratories and establishing a provincial laboratory network
  7. Inviting increasingly more students to the Young Researchers Club and activating students' scientific societies
  8. Launching new courses in areas which are needed in the region
  9. Developing the university's mechanized network
  10. Concluding contracts and signing MOUs with other scientific or research centers in the province
  11. Enhancing the university's rank in the international ranking system of universities
  12. Paving the ground for production based and knowledge-based research
  13. Facilitating the role that the university can play in solving social problems by establishing a closer contact with social institutes
  14. Establishing a growth center for technological units and providing the ground for the establishment of the science and technology park in the province