Department of Nursing

Because of its close association with medical sciences, nursing is usually considered to be one of medical sciences sub-disciplines but it should be noted that it is a separate field in its own right. The graduates of nursing, as members of health legion of the country, serve people in areas such as sanitation improvement, health education, health research, consulting, prevention of diseases, and management of health issues. Nurses are also involved in providing support for people threatened by health hazards or people in need of restorative care and rehabilitation. Educating students in nursing paves the ground for training professional nurses who can recognize and evaluate the status of health services and undertake and coordinate them.
Recognizing its educational mission and responsibility for serving the society, the Nursing Department, has admitted BS students in nursing since 20 years ago. In the early days of the department, it used to give acceptance to only thirty or so students each year because of space limitation. But in recent years, and in line with the general move toward enhancing public health, it has broadened its activities both quantitatively, increasing the number of nursing students which amounts to 340 today, and qualitatively by providing more decent education.