Department of Geography

The Department of Geography was established in 1980 at IAU-A. The founding fathers of this department were late Dr. Akbar Alimohammadi and late Dr. Rasoul Kolaahi. Two su-bfields of geography, climatology and geomorphology, have been available for the students of Bachelor's degree since the early days of this department. The Master's degree in climatology in environmental planning was offered in 2004 and remained the only available sub-field of geography until 2010. Between 2010 and 2012 two other strands of geography for Master's degree, namely, geography and urban planning and geomorphology in environmental planning, were offered by the department. In 2012, medical geography, as another sub-field of geography, was also added to the existing Master's programs. Finally, in 2014 programs for Doctoral degree in geography and urban planning were set off.