Why do we choose the Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch?


  • It provides a valid degree

Islamic Azad University’s degree is one of the most valid university degrees at national and international levels for further education and employment in governement organizations, private sectors, and scientific research centers. In the past years, we have had thousands or billions of cases of employment for graduates.


  • It has professional instructors and experienced employees

Using the presence of expert instructors and faculty members, some of who are considered a brand in the country and the world, has given the Islamic Azad University this advantage that reassures its students regarding the scientific value of studying here and ensures them for further education in private, state, and foreign universities. Experienced employees in educational, research, administrative, and financial departments allow students to make great use of their experience and advice in various areas.


  • It has modern laboratory and workshop facilities

This university branch has provided modern and advanced workshops and laboratories, unique or at least rare conditions for research that those interested in these facilities can use them for carrying out research, solving social issues, entrepreneurship, and making money.


  • It provides a happy and dynamic environment for student activities

Relying on the capabilities of the young people in this genius-nurturing country, the Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch has provided a happy and safe environment for a variety of student activities for different tastes and interests. The students can take part in different sports, cultural, political, journalistic, scientific, and research activities depending on their interests and they can achieve ingenuity and maturity in mentioned areas in addition to the important task of education. There are many examples of students who have continued these activities at a larger scale in society after graduation.


  • The students do not need to be worried about financial matters

To support its students and reduce their financial concerns, the Islamic Azad University has provided loans which include loans which are to be paid off after graduation, long-term loans, short-term loans, installment of tuition fees, and discount for outstanding students and families with many students.



Choose the Azad University!

Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch

  • Issue-oriented and innovative university
  • A university with a strong and unique laboratory and workshop facilities
  • A variety of majors for associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. courses
  • Establishment of knowledge-based companies and technological units for entrepreneurship and job creating.
  • Scientific, sports, national, and global achievements
  • A place for student activities
  • Well-equipped dormitories for girls
  • Sports courts with advanced equipment
  • Supporting outstanding students in education and research
  • Providing financial facilities and a variety of long-term and short-term loans
  • Canteen for 3000 people
  • The first university in Ardabil province
  • A pioneer in presenting international articles and patents


In order to choose majors in Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch, the candidates of university entrance exam can visit the educational deputy’s office located on the 3rd floor, Department of Sciences, Basij Complex every day from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Telephone numbers:

(098) 451-31745208

(098) 451-31745157

General Directorate of Public Relations of Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch


Looking at the scientific, research and developmental approaches of Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch

  • Establishment of an entrepreneurship university to deal with people’s problems

The Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch plans to establish an entrepreneurship university and deal with people’s problems.

Considering the fact that facilities provided in the university all come from the people’s revenues and the university management lacks oil revenues, we try to create and expand a technological center in the university and seek conditions to facilitate students’ employment.


  • It administers provincial transformational plans

One of the major transformational plans administered in the province includes “Uni Hotel” educational hotel.

Considering the pilot and feasibility studies carried out in the fields of health and tourism, the province social responsibility is defined and university projects now focus more on these two areas.

Vast activities are carried out in various scientific, cultural, and social fields. Issue- orientation and the impact of the university on the development of the province are considered and activities are carried out in which the role of the university is obvious and tangible.

The purpose of an educational hotel is not competing with other hotels, but its main purpose is doing educational activities that complement the chain of value in the tourism industry.

Paying attention to the subject of education and research with a financial approach in this industry can turn the university to a pole in teaching tourism in the country.

  • The Cooperation between the Knowledge and Technology University and Park

One of the goals of the Islamic Azad University is creating job opportunities for its students and graduates. In this regard, setting up a cooperative company for the students and graduates and intensifying cooperation with the Knowledge and Technology Park can lead to job opportunities and development in Ardabil.

The Islamic Azad University can play an accelerating role in this regard because it is non-governmental and is beyond the rules of the government sector. Knowledge and Technology Park provides preliminary loans for knowledge-based companies and the Islamic Azad University provides the secondary platform.

Many products of knowledge-based companies are commercialized in the Innovation House of this university in 2019 and the Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch tries to complement the cycle of knowledge-based activities in order to contribute to the development of Ardabil.


  • Using the capacities of the Islamic Azad University for the development of Agriculture in the province

According to the fact that Ardabil has been one of the provinces with a high potential in agriculture, the Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch makes use of the capabilities and capacities of this university in the development of agriculture in the province. In this regard, it will try to use the ideas and thoughts provided by the instructors, students, and graduates.


  • Establishment of advanced laboratories, Medicinal Herbs Research Center, Growth and Technology Center, research farms, further education courses for agriculture and famous instructors of this major make it the greatest academic capacity for the development of the province in the field of agriculture.

Agriculture is among the basic fields in the Islamic Azad University and it should serve the society and it should deal with the issues in the province.

This university has the capacity to cooperate with related organizations in the province for the reproduction of basic seeds, production of healthy organic products, discovering chemical mixtures, carrying out practical research and projects, holding educational workshops, and carrying out scientific studies.


  • Development of activities in the field of high-paying and early-yielding businesses

Today, earning sustainable revenues with high profits has turned into one of the greatest concerns of people and the authorities and the field of IT (information technology) is one of the areas that can have an immense impact on the economic development of the society.

According to the needs of the society, earning sustainable revenues with high profits is one of the most important concerns of people and authorities. In this regard, every person considers different areas, such as agriculture, industry, and tourism superior to other businesses for earning sustainable revenues and for the economic growth and development of the society. It is no doubt that paying attention to the aforementioned items can cause economic growth in the societies and with meticulous and proper planning, high profits can be achieved in different industrial and agricultural fields; therefore, the Islamic Azad University makes necessary plans in this area with relying on its potentials, which include software and hardware capabilities, the presence of outstanding instructors and talented students.


  • The development of the country's economic cycle by attracting foreign university students

One of the most important strategic policies of the Islamic Azad University is creating the proper conditions in university and attracting the students of technical, engineering, and medical majors from neighboring countries. In addition to having a scientific impact, this plan plays an outstanding role in the development of the economic, scientific, and cultural cycle of the country.

 In this regard, in order to develop international activities, the Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch has pioneered in making an international Publications Management System. So far, six journals have been organized and the goal is to become the greatest publisher in the field of scientific journals in 5 years, which will be achieved with the cooperation of scientific and international figures and illustrious universities in the world.


  • Holding theory making, free-thinking meetings and cultural programs

Last year, many theory making, free-thinking meetings and 1100 cultural, social programs were held. The Cultural and Student DeputyOoffice plans to continue these transformational programs in the new year. Concerning cultural and social programs, the university emphasizes making trends and avoiding mere occasional events. In making trends, subjects in political, cultural, social fields become the center and trends are created based on these centers.