Department of Midwifery

Programs for Bachelor's degree in Midwifery, as a sub-field of medical sciences, started to be offered in the faculty of Medical Sciences of IAU-A in 1988. At present, this department has seven teaching staff, five of whom are faculty members and the other two obstetricians. The mission of the department is to enhance the health of mothers and babies by training qualified midwives. According to statistics, 1000 students have graduated from this department so far and 235 more are studying currently.
The department has as its objectives using scientific findings in relation to pre-marital, during pregnancy, and postpartum health programs. Family planning, mother and child healthcare, attending to vulnerable children, screening for prevalent cancers and providing consultation on puberty, menopause, and aging are also among the departments' concerns. The programs are not limited to these subjects however. There is a longstanding belief among the midwifery staff that this department should be in touch with the society at large and figure out problems in the health system that could be resolved by its assistance. The department, likewise, values a good and constructive relationship with health workers out of the university. To adhere to these causes, and for the furtherance of other precious objectives, the department also provides consultation on sexuality and women and children's mental and physical health. Other general approaches adopted by the members of this department are society-oriented midwifery and relationship with people working in other health-related sectors.