Department of Educational Science

The Educational Sciences Department of IAU-A set out to offer courses to Associate's degree students in 1980. Programs for Bachelor's degree in Educational Management and Planning were introduced in 1983. MA programs in Educational Management were up to grabs five years later, in 1988. Since 2014, PhD program in Educational Management has also been available to willing students.
The aim of the undergraduate courses has been to train qualified and skilled workforce needed for the economical development of the country and to improve the potential and efficacy of educational institutes at different levels. Students covering these courses specialize in educational matters and are supposed to be able to figure out what the educational problems are and how they can be resolved.
At the MA level the aims have been building on and expanding the existing knowledge and skills through more focused and intensive training programs. At the same time, developing students' professional abilities, in order to enhance the quality of the country's educational system, has not been ignored.
At the PhD level the aims of the Islamic Azad University in general and this branch in particular have been to teach and train skilled and knowledgeable experts who are able to analyze educational environments and organizations. These experts can use findings from their analyses in making wise decisions and managing those environments and organizations effectively so that important national and international objectives are achieved.