Deputy of Educational Affairs

Deputy of Educational Affairs is one of the key divisions in IAU Ardabil Branch that manages and directs teaching and learning processes. Prof. Behnam Bahari, ABD, as the deputy of educational affairs, and all employees of this office are in direct contact with students, faculty members, and clients. However, most of the activities in this office including offering credits to students, issuing exam ID cards, and registering students' objections to their final scores are done electronically.

This office has four sub-divisions including Recruiting and Shortlisting, Postgraduate Studies, Educational, and Testing Offices. Two more offices are in the process of being added to this deputy, namely, the Courses Office, and the Planning and programming Office.

Currently, there are more than 230 full-time faculty members working together with around 400 part-time, adjunct, and visiting professors. These teaching staff provide services for the students majoring in close to 100 fields at AA/AS, BA/BS, MA/MS, and PHD levels under the supervision of DEA.


Every semester the faculty members' quality of teaching is evaluated by the students. However, it has recently been decided that professors' teaching quality and their commitment to the courses they teach be evaluated by mentor professors as well and in case the quality does not meet the standards, urgent decisions be made.

DEA is also responsible for holding final exams at the end of each semester which amount to more than 2400 sessions. The office is also in charge of managing more than ten other entrance exams, which are hold in all branches of IAU across the country. Only last year, for example, above thirty thousand people sat these large-scale exams in this branch. Briefing interested people on the requirements of the exams and informing them of the opening and closing dates and issuing exam-based certificates are important activities that are handled by this office.

The head of the office holds weekly educational meetings with deans of the faculties to solve students' problems. The deputy of educational affairs also commissions the heads of the departments elected by each department's faculty members and supervises their conduct. A head of the department should necessarily be a faculty member. These heads of the departments should be in their office for twenty hours a week and are accountable for anything that happens within their area of responsibility. Heads of the departments should also answer any questions that students have about their educational programs and coordinate teaching tasks with other faculty members.

Some of the recent activities in this department are:

  • Establishing the Faculty of Humanities
  • Establishing the Faculty of Basic Sciences
  • Granting scholarships to PhD students in needed areas
  • Designing the first educational archiving software in the country
  • Designing the site of the Educational Deputy Office
  • Setting up a group of educational workshops in the vicinity of Shahed Compound
  • Putting the old educational archive in order
  • Organizing and improving the management of educational affairs
  • Regulating and evaluating the teaching fee of more than 730 of teaching staff, technicians and instructors